Benewed [v. celebrate the arrival of a new posession.]

Used in the imperative as a form of congratulations.

(imperative): I heard you got a new kitten! Benewed!

Benewed [benieuwd]

Sounds like “benieuwd” which means “curious” in Dutch.

(curious): Eager to learn or know; inquisitive.

Benewed [be new, be newed]

Keep yourself updated with the latest news in your area of interest. This could be fashion, beauty, art, design, travel, food & drinks, gadgets, hotspots, music, events and inspirational quotes. The world is changing fast, so it’s essential that you keep up with the latest trends or else the chance of getting lost in this world is more.

Benewed [by Malu Media]

Malu Kirschbaum created Benewed.com as an online magazine in 2013, to share her personal experiences, the things she loves and stumbles upon in the world of fashion, lifestyle, gadgets, music and traveling. In her daily life she works as a freelance writer and producer for several magazines. Her articles have been published in Grazia, Margriet, Elegance, Veronica Magazine, Beau Monde, Amayzine, Metro Mode, Fab, George and Miljonair.

Malu Kirschbaum - Freelance editor & Founder of www.benewed.com Photo by Elmar Krop/Stickystuff