Bxxlght welcome to paradise

Make a statement with Bxxlght

What better way to keep warm and bright this cold dark winter than with a “Welcome to paradise“, “Baby it’s cold outside” or “Stay in bed” light box? At Bxxlght you can choose one of the popular ready-made quotes or you can create your own personalized light box.

The Bxxlght light box is a design product, an artwork and at the same time it functions as a regular lamp. The performance of the light boxes can vary; have it standing on the floor, on a bookshelf or place it on the wall. Founded in 2013 by the 23-year old Daniela Upmark in Stockholm, Sweden, Bxxlght aims to offer a unique and stylish piece or art, that also changes (just as we do).

The light boxes come in a variety of designs to fit any room whilst keeping both design and functionality in mind. It’s changeable design and interchangeable letters allows for ultimate customization. And with their brand new interactive website, designing your own marquee has never been easier.

Make a statement with Bxxlght! They are available in several different sizes and models, ranging from 40 x 40 x 12 cm to 70 x 90 x13.5 cm. Prices start from 335 Euros. BeNakedWhenIComeHomedoubleBxxlght I am bananas for youWEB16Bxxlght doubleBxxlght Surf through lifeWEBY7

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