Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona killes impersonality

If you think about Barcelona, what do you see? Right. A vibrant city, full of colorful Gaudi buildings and even more colorful people. That’s exactly what the founder of Etnia Barcelona wanted you to see in his eyewear brand. He wanted to create glasses that were just as lively, creative and colorful as the city. Well, that dream […]


Bas Kosters’ Floral Affair

Despite the autumnal weather, the sun was shining bright at the presentation of fashion designer Bas Kosters for flower platform For the occasion, Bas Kosters had covered cute male models in one-off flower outfits during A Floral Affair at Rockstart Spaces in the city centre Amsterdam. On the backdrop of a baroque ballroom, the […]

Leblon Sports

Deblon Sports brings sexy back

Since strong is the new skinny and fit is the new fabulous, working out is like one of the coolest things to do. For real. But let me get this straight: You don’t look that cool in an old sweatpants and a shaded T-shirt that you only wear to bed, or to the gym. If you really want […]

Replay Hyperflex

Stretch your limits

Welcome to the sexy lab of Replay, where male and female superstars are testing the new Hyperflex jeans collection and the stretching ability of these denim pants by performing, dancing, jumping, bending and yes… even twerking. The main features of Replay Hyperflex are 100% elasticity, incredible shaping performance and superior comfort. Made of Lycra, protected by […]

new brand esprit amsterdam Every.Day.Counts

Every Day Counts in Amsterdam

Fashion chain Esprit has opened the first store of its new formula Every Day Counts in Amsterdam. Located at the Kalverstraat, this 160 sqm store offers men’s and womenswear as well as accessories like ear plugs and phone covers. The looks are inspired by Scandinavian simplicity: refined, minimalistic and industrial, which totally fits the Normcore trend of […]


Eco-friendly denim by Replay

Besides buying organic foods, recycling newspapers and driving a hybrid car, you can also go green by wearing one of the most eco-friendly jeans on the planet: Replay’s Laserblast.  The capsule collection Replay Lasterblast L.I.F.E. uses a technology to reduce its environmental impact as well as the consumption of water during the jeans’ production cycle. Instead of washing the jeans […]

Jarvis Pursuit single socks

Single socks at Jarvis Pursuit

Everybody knows the problem of missing socks, right? There is always one sock missing after doing laundry and nobody knows where they go. That’s why Jarvis Pursuit came up with the idea to sell single socks. Freaking brilliant. He created a collection of socks with stripes and dots in different colors, that all go very […]

Alexander Wang for H&M collaboration

Alexander Wang for H&M

Stop the presses! Alexander Wang will be the next designer to create a collection for H&M. The young New York talent, who is also the creative director for Balenciaga, unveiled the new relationship – which will include a collection of men’s and women’s clothing, as well as his famed accessories - via Instagram last night. Check out the […]