Lomography The Konstruktor

The Konstruktor DIY Camera

When everything becomes digital, people are longing for the opposite. Camera-brand Lomography is fully aware of that and came up with a camera that is both analog and completely Do-It-Yourself-ed. Probably there’s nothing that can beat that, especially if you are addicted to analog. The world’s first built-it-yourself camera is called The Konstruktor, and it gives you the opportunity […]

Gigantic Donut Pool Float

Wannahave: Donut Pool Float

I mean, seriously… Is there something better than having your donut and lounge in it, too???? Uh.. no! This Donut Pool Float is a pool time essential! It features a classic strawberry frosting with vivid sprinkles and it looks so yummy that somebody already took a bite out of it. Don’t waste any more of […]

Fuck the rain Umbrella

Fuck The Rain Umbrella

Rain ruins everything… Of course we need water to survive, to prevent dehydration and droughts and bla bla bla. But can it do all that while we’re sleeping? Nooo, it’s always raining when we have to go to work or when we want to light the barbecue. And you know what? We really don’t appreciate! […]

Suspended Treehouse by Cocoon Tree

Wannahave: Cocoon Tree

Sleep among the birds with this modern treehouse. Complete with a high-density foam mattress, cotton sheets, duvet cover and wooden floor, the Cocoon Tree makes for the ideal hangout for two adults with the loads of privacy. You can assemble and mount it yourself in two hours, or have it done by a team of experienced […]

Vanhulsteijn woodie

Sexy Fixie

It’s clear that nobody is going to change the design or shape of the common wheel. It’s round, and that works pretty well, right? So if you want to make a change to the design of a bicycle, it’s the frame you need to adjust. Design studio Vanhulsteijn came up with this radical bike frame […]

SeaDuction Floats

Floating cabana

This is no simple pool float or shabby water raft. The SeaDuction Float is the ultimate must-have in relaxation and luxury. It’s about getting the most comfort and enjoyment out of your holiday. You can use it as a personal lounge on the beach or as floating cabana on the water.  The multiple anchoring points allow you to […]

Google Glass girl

Google Glass: cool or creepy?

Imagine you put YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in a cocktail shaker. Add loads of Google stuff in it, like Google Maps, Google+ and Gmail. Then pour a little 5 megapixel-camera in it and top it off with some WiFi and Bluetooth. Shake it really really good. Now put it onto your face. That’s Google […]

All About The Beaus Camera Strap by Bloom Theory Straps

All about the beaus

This unisex camera strap from Bloom Theory was designed with quality and comfort in mind. The simplistic gray linen accommodates for any outfit and any occasion. If you don’t dig the bow tie, you can also get it without or in the following color options: plain, ivroy, mustard, salmon, platinum, charcoal and aqua. All straps are […]