Leblon Sports

Deblon Sports brings sexy back

Since strong is the new skinny and fit is the new fabulous, working out is like one of the coolest things to do. For real. But let me get this straight: You don’t look that cool in an old sweatpants and a shaded T-shirt that you only wear to bed, or to the gym. If you really want […]

nike we own the night amsterdam 2014

We Own The Night

Imagine yourself running. The night has fallen, it’s dark. You are aware of the elements and every muscle in your body is tensed. You might get tired, you might feel pain. You have chosen to do this and there is no way back. Straighten your back, lift your chin and head towards your goal. On June 7th […]

Voga yoga vogueing

VOGA : when Yoga flirts with Vogue

Bow baby and strike a pose! With the Olympics in Sochi on full speed, it’s the perfect moment to shine a disco light on this new way of getting in shape. Put on your sexy hot pants or shiny high-waist tights and dust of your 80′s mix tape, because it’s time to Voga! London based yoga […]

Nike Tight of the Moment - Safari Moves

NIKE tight of the moment

Yeah, this will make us work out like animals! Nike came up with a limited edition tight, featuring a surprising blend of nature and classic patterns, that created an unexpected visual. This Tight of the Moment is called Safari Moves and it features an animal print in harmony with polka dots, stripes and diamonds.  Using digital sublimation, […]

red valentino campaign

Dress Red Day

This Sunday, September 29, is World Heart Day, which is organized annually by the World Heart Federation to raise awareness of heart diseases. On this day, there are lots of events and activities, to inform people about cardiovascular decease, which is the #1 killer worldwide. The Dutch Heart Federation gives it a little twist and organizes a Dress Red Day, in celebration […]

weatgrass juicer

Wheatgrass Juicer

Wheatgrass has been know as one of nature’s greatest healers. It helps alkalizing your body, it rebuilds the bloodstream and it keeps your hair from graying. Those are just three random benefits from wheatgrass, but there are many many more. They even say that 30 ml of squeezed juice equals the nutrient, vitamin and amino acid content […]

goji berries

Go go berries

If you’re into healthy food, raw food and superfood, you’ve probably heard from goji berries. Some claim that goji berries are the next fountain of youth. But can they really prevent chronic illness and how do you squeeze them into your daily nutrition? Research shows that all berries have health benefits. They are filled with powerful […]