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TASCHEN presents The Rolling Stones

Over four years in the making, it’s finally done! A rocktastic sensation, produced in close collaboration with the band and signed by all four members. Ladies and gentlemen, TASCHEN presents The Rolling Stones. A historic SUMO-size edition of 1.600 copies, signed by Mick, Keith, Charlie and Ronnie, that charts the Stones’ remarkable history and outrageously cool lifestyle. With one-of-a-kind archival access, […]

Song of the week

Wowsie… this song is just so damn tasty, I want to hear it, feel it, smell it and taste it all day long! Okay, that sounded weird. But Don’t Play Around is just one hell of an EP, coming from Edinburgh-based DJ duo Cheap Picasso, as they will deliver on the 9th of June. It’s deephouse from the […]


DGTL festival

The sun is shining, the temperatures are rising and the birds are chirping again. To thousands of music lovers this means one thing: the festival season is back! April is the official opening month, and several cities across North America and Europe are getting ready for a bunch of weekend-long celebrations. In the United States […]

Song of the week

Instead of giving you awesome melodic techno beats, this week it’s time for a completely different sound. Get ready for some hot R&B and soul mixed with classic house beats, from Amsterdam based artist Mar. Earlier this year he kicked off with this smooth ass track titled Man x Woman, which is the first official release from his […]

Voga yoga vogueing

VOGA : when Yoga flirts with Vogue

Bow baby and strike a pose! With the Olympics in Sochi on full speed, it’s the perfect moment to shine a disco light on this new way of getting in shape. Put on your sexy hot pants or shiny high-waist tights and dust of your 80′s mix tape, because it’s time to Voga! London based yoga […]

Song of the week

This acoustic edit from Mario Aureo of Fink’s “Maker” is called the “Sunday Sofa Edit” and it’s meant to be the perfect start of your Sunday morning. But I’ve been playing it all morning and I think it works pretty good at Monday mornings as well. In fact, I think it’s the perfect track to […]

Song of the week

In general, Dutchies don’t really like to praise Germans, but when it comes to electronic music, we just have to! This song of the week comes from Michael Korb alias KlangKuenstler and it’s called Barfuß auf Wolken. It’s very melodic and housy, with a playful guitar underneath the floating beat. Absolutely perfect for an indian summer […]

Song of the Week

Swiss born David Keno began his musical life learning classic instruments such as the guitar and drums when he was just a kid. After playing in a couple of rock bands, he discovered his love for electronic music. He bought a drum machine and an old synthesizer and started to experiment. Since then he has released […]