Fuck the rain Umbrella

Fuck The Rain Umbrella

Rain ruins everything… Of course we need water to survive, to prevent dehydration and droughts and bla bla bla. But can it do all that while we’re sleeping? Nooo, it’s always raining when we have to go to work or when we want to light the barbecue. And you know what? We really don’t appreciate!

Let whoever up there know how you feel about it with the Fuck The Rain Umbrella, by giving him the finger. And whether you’re flipping off the weather, or the invisible man in the sky, this umbrella with surely keep you dry while doing it. The design comes from Artemy Lebedev and Anton Schnaider. You can buy it at Art.Lebedev Studio for $45.00.

fuck-the-rain-umbrellafuck the rain umbrella

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