Leblon Sports

Deblon Sports brings sexy back

Since strong is the new skinny and fit is the new fabulous, working out is like one of the coolest things to do. For real. But let me get this straight: You don’t look that cool in an old sweatpants and a shaded T-shirt that you only wear to bed, or to the gym.

If you really want to take this healthy lifestyle seriously (which you should!) you’ve got to invest in some high quality sportswear. Recently I discovered Deblon Sports, a Amsterdam-based brand that brings luxury sportswear from Brazil to the European market. One of the founders Céline (the super hot chick with the six-pack body, pictured above and below) has been working as a model in the Brazilian fashion industry and got inspired by the vibrant lifestyle of Rio de Janeiro. “I noticed Brazilian women feel proud and beautiful doing sports, wearing high-quality and body flattering sportswear is their secret tool.” And BOOM, Deblon Sports was born.

The collection is designed in Amsterdam and produced in Brazil. All of their items are very feminine and made from Supplex, a high quality and ultra soft fabric, which is fully breathable, hold it’s shape and is extremely color fast. Sounds awesome, right? Now there’s only one thing I need: a Brazilian booty.   Leblon SportsLeblon SportsLeblon SportsLeblon SportsLeblon SportsLeblon Sports

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