Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona killes impersonality

If you think about Barcelona, what do you see? Right. A vibrant city, full of colorful Gaudi buildings and even more colorful people. That’s exactly what the founder of Etnia Barcelona wanted you to see in his eyewear brand. He wanted to create glasses that were just as lively, creative and colorful as the city. Well, that dream came true.

Etnia Barcelona became the most colorful eyewear brand on the planet. Designed in Barcelona and produced in Italy, they combine rainbow colors with the best lenses and acetates, that gives it a futuristic outlook. The whole collection is set to a fashion forward spirit, a personal style, and above all, an individual expression. Even their slogan is “Impersonality kills”, because nothing is more important than showing your own character.

Beyond color, Etnia frames are highly functional, incredibly comfortable and attention-grabbing stylish. In fact, each frame has its own individuality and personality to help enhance any part of your daily wardrobe… and mood. So whether you’re feeling sexy (like Beyonce), serious (like Olivia Palermo) or sublime (like Anna dell Russo), you’ll find a matching pair.

Oh, and besides ultra cool, they’re ecological too. The acetate they use is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. Even more awesome. Check out their latest collection at etniabarcelona.cometnica barcelona Etnia Barcelona Etnia Barcelona Etnia Barcelona

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