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Mystique resort santorini greece

Beyond paradise

We all dream about paradise. A perfect place or state. A tropical island where you feel as though everything is perfect and wonderful. But what happens if you’ve been there, done that? You go to this amazing resort in Santorini, Greece. It’s called Mystique and that kind off captured the vibe that flows over the resort. […]

& Other Stories board

& Other Bla Bla

Our Swedish friends from Hennis & Mauritz announced that they will launch their new fashion and accessories brand “& Other Stories” in 10 European countries this spring, expanding its upmarket footprint with stores in higher-end shopping districts (like Cos does too!). Unfortunately Holland is not one of those 10 European countries, but & Other Stories will […]

Delete professional waxing

Ctrl Alt Delete

Okay gals, winter is almost over and spring is coming… It’s time for some professional waxing! Yeah of course it hurts, but hairy legs are a super no-go, so you HAVE to! And if you stick with it, your new hair will be softer and thinner. In fact, waxing is the only method that can guarantee […]

Cate Underwood

Major Girl Crush

Some DJ’s are so damn good in what they do, that it doesn’t really matter how they look like. As long as they keep on spinning those awesome beats, you’ll just keep on dancing. But sometimes it’s the other way around. Like this girl, Cate Underwood. She looks so damn good, that it doesn’t really […]

The Lobster House

Lobster Take Away

Former owner of Cafe George sold his part of the company and opened up a Take Away shop that’s for fish-lovers only: The Lobster House. They’re specialized in oysters and… guess what? Lobsters! But you can also get a tuna burger, Niçoise salad, pasta Vongole, shrimp cocktail or Bouillabaisse to go. Besides fish, they sell other […]