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Burning Man 2014 balloon chain

Burning Man – A Life Changing Experience

How to describe Burning Man? This question has been bugging me since my return. How would you describe an unearthly and enchanted world, an experience like no other, especially to people that haven’t been before. Burners will tell you it is a life changing experience. That you will look at the ‘default’ world differently. Now, […]


Eco-friendly denim by Replay

Besides buying organic foods, recycling newspapers and driving a hybrid car, you can also go green by wearing one of the most eco-friendly jeans on the planet: Replay’s Laserblast.  The capsule collection Replay Lasterblast L.I.F.E. uses a technology to reduce its environmental impact as well as the consumption of water during the jeans’ production cycle. Instead of washing the jeans […]

Detox Delight Detox Lemonade

Summer Proof with Detox Delight

Do you want to start the summer with a fresh glow and loads of energy? Uh.. duh, of course! Detox Delight helps you to cleanse your body and loose that extra pound, to get a smashing bikini-body just before you leave for that even more smashing holiday. No need to spend all day in the kitchen […]


Sneak Peek of PUPMAG 2

After a successful first edition of PUPMAG, it’s time for issue number 2. This bi-annual cultural magazine offers avant-gardists a platform and brings commerce and creativity together. They consciously connect the worlds of rising talents and well established creatives, knowing fully that both are equally inspiring and important. For me, one of the best and most innovative […]

Song of the week

Wowsie… this song is just so damn tasty, I want to hear it, feel it, smell it and taste it all day long! Okay, that sounded weird. But Don’t Play Around is just one hell of an EP, coming from Edinburgh-based DJ duo Cheap Picasso, as they will deliver on the 9th of June. It’s deephouse from the […]

super drinks

Let’s talk about super drinks

Most of you probably heard of super foods. But what about super drinks? Herewith an overview of some healthy thirst quenchers. Cheers!! Water… This beverage is certainly not to be underestimated and should ideally be our base drink. It is required for every function of the human body. You can enrich water by adding some […]

Marie-Stella-Maris store Amsterdam

Marie-Stella-Maris Store Opening

Today is a big day for the ultra cool water brand Marie-Stella-Maris. They will officially launch a new chapter with their very first store in Amsterdam: Marie-Stella-Maris Archives. Hereby I would like to give you a sneak peek of the store – which has two floors – and their new collection, which contains much much more […]

No One Looks Back On Their Life And Remembers The Nights They Had Plenty Of Sleep

Happy Weekend

Although I know the weekend is all about recharging for the new week, I would like to remind you (and myself) to this quote. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and see where the evening brings you. Relax, have some fun, meet new people, go to different places, try other things, don’t worry […]


Tel Aviv Travel Guide

Recently I visited the controversial country of Israel. Let me take you there and describe Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in a nutshell:  “In Jerusalem they pray, in Tel Aviv they play.” I made a 4 day trip and I will describe tips per day because Thursday is the new Friday in Israel. Weekend is not on […]

Jarvis Pursuit single socks

Single socks at Jarvis Pursuit

Everybody knows the problem of missing socks, right? There is always one sock missing after doing laundry and nobody knows where they go. That’s why Jarvis Pursuit came up with the idea to sell single socks. Freaking brilliant. He created a collection of socks with stripes and dots in different colors, that all go very […]

Philips Senseo Up


Since Benewed is all about new stuff and George Clooney is not getting any younger, I would like to present to you a brand new coffee machine by Philips: the Senseo UP! Thanks to a unique set of features like strength select, direct brew and immediate shut off, this machine will surprise some die-hard coffee lovers, for sure! […]

Alexander Wang for H&M collaboration

Alexander Wang for H&M

Stop the presses! Alexander Wang will be the next designer to create a collection for H&M. The young New York talent, who is also the creative director for Balenciaga, unveiled the new relationship – which will include a collection of men’s and women’s clothing, as well as his famed accessories - via Instagram last night. Check out the […]