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william klein foam exhibition

William Klein in Foam

A must-go if you’re interested in fashion photography: the exhibition of William Klein in Foam. The entire museum is dedicated to the life and work of this legendary photographer, filmmaker and designer. His career spans for more than sixty years, since he started working for Vogue at the age of 26 (!). His work had an immense […]


Tokyo Travel Guide

After visiting most of Asia’s beautiful countries, I can say pretty straight forward: Tokyo is the Mecca of cool. I fell in love with Japan and her people. It’s a little Western heaven with an Asian twist. Tokyo is the show pony of the continent and oh boy, how we love show ponies! Wikipedia says […]

reserved towel

Ho Ho Holiday

Just in case you were looking for me… I’m on a holiday! And this beautiful spot right up here, is reserved for me, myself and I. For the next couple of days I’ll be surrounded by white beaches, blue waters and palm trees. Not to mention my family, because it is, of course, Christmas! For the […]

the secret to getting ahead is getting started

Quote of the Day

It’s sounds really simple and you know what? It is! If you want to reach success, you just have to get started. And the secret of getting started is breaking your complex overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and starting on the first one. Easy does it.  This quote comes from Mark Twain, an American author and […]

Song of the week

This acoustic edit from Mario Aureo of Fink’s “Maker” is called the “Sunday Sofa Edit” and it’s meant to be the perfect start of your Sunday morning. But I’ve been playing it all morning and I think it works pretty good at Monday mornings as well. In fact, I think it’s the perfect track to […]


Your Ray-Ban Look

Why do we have like a zillion pair of shoes in our closet, but do we have just one pair of glasses? Every occasion, each activity and the ever changing weather – they all require different things for your eyes. Life has just too much to offer to see it through only one pair of glasses! Choose […]



What a blast! Amsterdam’s most famous club Jimmy Woo celebrated its 10th anniversary yesterday and it was OFF THE HOOK. Actors, models, musicians, artists and all kids off influencers from different generations came together and partied like there was no tomorrow. I take my hat off to the amazing team behind club owner Casper Reinders, who organized […]


Bailey’s Stardust Exhibition

Oeh la la! Britain’s favourite photographer David Bailey will take over the National Portrait Gallery in London next year. The exhibition is called Bailey’s Stardust and will include more than 250 portraits, that span from some of the defining images of the swinging sixties, to travelling in the Naga Hills of India. All photographs, personally selected and printed […]

different wall sticker

A Different World

How better to express your love of travel than to showcase this awesome wall sticker? Guaranteed to spark inspiration in anyone with an interest in world travel, this graphic design makes a fantastic conversational hub for planning your next adventure or reminiscing about previous travels over a glass of wine. The typographic Different World wall sticker […]

ciate caviar manicure tutti frutti

Caviar Manicure

Yeey! Holiday season is coming and that means we can indulge ourselves with extravagant manicures! December is the ultimate time to shine, so what about this gorgeous caviar manicure? A gelato chic look, inspired by sugar cones, towering sundae’s and sweet treat scoops. Indulge your sweet tooth with the Tutti Frutti Caviar blend from Ciaté. How it […]

Nike Tight of the Moment - Safari Moves

NIKE tight of the moment

Yeah, this will make us work out like animals! Nike came up with a limited edition tight, featuring a surprising blend of nature and classic patterns, that created an unexpected visual. This Tight of the Moment is called Safari Moves and it features an animal print in harmony with polka dots, stripes and diamonds.  Using digital sublimation, […]

Frrry weekend bag

UNDSCVRD prettiness for men

Do you also think it’s hard to find the perfect man bag? Stylish but not too feminine. Practical but not too sporty. Plain but not too boring? UNDSCVRD offers the solution: a web store with the coolest bags and accessories for men. Mostly smaller brands from all over the world, by many still undiscovered, that […]